Emotion Monitoring and Analytics (EMA) is a solution to make objective determinations about a subject's mental state. This is accomplished by using the Intel RealSense 3D sensor, which identifies the subject and analyzes the face to determine the expressed emotion. This data is stored on a Cloudant NoSQL database using Bluemix. It is then processed and displayed graphically, using analytics to show long term trends and real-time deviations.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.


Our project aims to monitor the mental health of astronauts during long-term space missions. The extended social isolation has been shown to cause significant mental state change. Due to the critical nature of their missions, this aspect of the health of the astronauts are of utmost importance.

By using Bluemix and RealSense, we can monitor and analyze the emotions of astronauts to determine long term trends of their mental states. With the objectively collected real-time data coupled with long-term personal historical data, mission control would be able to better monitor the mental well-being of each astronaut to dynamically adjust mission directives according to the state of the astronaut.

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License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

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  • Irving Pena
  • Andrew Jang
  • Patrick Barber
  • Zahir kelloud
  • Dariusz Adamczyk
  • Shimul Chaudhary
  • Irving Pena
  • Jonaton Jan