We want to implement a sensor that will monitor the temperature and humidity inside the space suit with the purpose of keeping the ideal conditions for the human being.


Even if we find it amazing to go to the outer space, it is a different environment that we, as humans, can't afford. That's why we use space suits. Space suits need to provide comfort and the necessary conditions for the human being to be in the outer space. Nowadays, one of the biggest problems is to keep the temperature and the humidity within the ideal values for life to exist.

Our project consists of a system, which includes a temperature and humidity sensor, that will be installed inside the suit to monitor the environment. It will actionate the mechanism, consisted of tubes and water to cool down the suit, at certain temperature when it gets too high. Furthermore, it will control the fluids within the suit in order to keep the helmet dry and a clear vision of the outside.


Prevent risks like insolation and dehydration. Clear vision by preventing fogging in the helmet.


We used a DH11 sensor and an arduino microcontroller to estimate the temperature and humidity of the environment in order to simulate the measurement system that will be installed in the suit.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)


Regulation of Thermal Sw -


  • Israel Payán
  • José  Álvarez
  • Ricardo Quintero Cota
  • angel sicairos
  • Luis Enrique Rodríguez Lara
  • Melissa Sánchez