Adapting the idea of the "suitcase" that each astronaut takes into space and enabling a variety of interchangeable technologies, we want to allow the astronaut to make personal decisions about what to wear and do according to mood and necessity to interact, communicate and be creative with colleagues and loved ones. We also want to help the astronaut to reduce waste and improve recycling whilst being stylish inventive and fun.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.


We aim to produce a range of solutions that explore the problem of how it might be possible to personalise the experience of space travel through the clothes and accessories that an astronaut takes into space with them. The project aims to produce a flatpack suitcase of clothing and personal effects. The aim is to allow the wearer to interchange elements of the garment to suit his or her mood or the need to communicate with colleauges or loved ones, play games and so on. We aim to explore how we can adapt elements of the interior of the space vehicle to make it a more varied, less predictable space to live in using a combination of projections, virtual environments and some interactive element either in the suitcase or on earth. We want to explore the practicalities of re-use of waste and recycling within this challenge to see how we can develop systems that incorporate stylishness, usefulness and sustainability as a model closed system efficiency.

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  • Rupert JOHNSTONE
  • Rachael Brown
  • Zoe Woolfenden
  • Martha Sedgwick
  • Nawal Husnoo
  • Steven Frazier-Roberts
  • David rufus
  • Michelle Moinzadeh