This project aims to help ground processing workers on their daily tasks. With the SmartWork Suit workers will be able to read and analyze manuals, document their work via camera and microphone, collect data from sensors adapted in the suit and also from sensors deployed in the environment(temperature, gas, light, humidity and many more). All the collected data is sent to the cloud for further analysis. Workers can also receive alarms on their suit when a threshold is reached from one of the sensors subscriptions. Our idea is to provide assistance to ground processing workers that are constantly on the move, without the need of carrying other external devices.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.


The wearable revolution has reached our everyday lives, from fitness trackers to augmented reality glasses. At the same time, we believe that this wearable revolution can help us solve problems existing in the ground processing area. Ground processing workers have to execute several activities without the need of depending on a mobile device like a mobile phone or a tablet, which could constitute a distraction at work. They also need their hands free to use tools or accessories. The SmartWork Suit is adapted in a regular NASA uniform and it has several sensors integrated. It includes a display(so user can check manuals and sensor readings), camera and microphone (so the user can create reports with images and voice notes), gas sensor(the suit can detect levels of gas and it can trigger an alarm for the worker safety), temperature sensor, humidity sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity. The SmarkWork Suit has the ability to connect with other internet of things devices(so the user can subscribe to interest sensors on the environment and analyze the data in real time on the display). The advantages of the SmartWork Suit are several; it constitute a low cost, it could be adapted to any uniform, the data could be analyzed in real time by an administrator and the suit can also be produced for hospitals and laboratories.

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  • Maribel Zamorano Castro
  • Egael Gomez