The world's community is actually trying to tackle this no longer sustenible situation brainstorming as many ideas you can. So low cost and pollution free electricity generators are the goals we are trying to reach today. Furthermore, if you want to know the outside temperature or humidity level or still the condition of your house, of your walls and the level of light, with this hi-techs invisible device now you can.


Using properly pigments both natural and synthetic on the first layer of our smart paint we can using them such as an antenna. In this way throughout inductive resonance energy got by molecules from sun is continuously spread out toward other molecules which behaves like an accumulator and then urge other layers to emit both photons end electrons. The latest are kept by a graphene layer which is our first capacitor's plate. Beneath a dielectric transparent and titanium dioxide fulfilled is both a non-conductor and a kind-of-a-mirror (reflecting lost photons which can hit back the first pigments layer). At the end an other plate of the flat armors capacitor is settled. With all this solutions we hardly believe or better think that in this way we can use the photosynthesis principle and the photovoltaic effect in order to produce a voltage difference thanks to our nano-capacitor. Of course the larger is our capacitor the most energy it can accumulate and a building wall would be perfect. All the layer are basically transparent and when possible filled with titanium dioxide which is a non-conducting pigment that reflect a big amount of light since it is totally white. In this way even if we loose photons we can reflect back them in order to use their energy as well. Graphene, which is needed only for two tiny layers is extremely flexible , resistant and a perfect electricity conductor. All these layers assembled in a few nano-meters paint are the future for clean and sustenible free energy.

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  • Alfredo Fiorentino
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