This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.

                 Explorers and builders are often obliged to go outside their space ship. Emergency cases are what makes this job extremly dangerous. The idea behind our device (Smart Injection Device) is to automatically inject necessary substances in critical situations into the astronaut's vein. It provides the astronaut with a chance of survival if any misfortune happened. It is also a multiple use device for various states (based on the need of each astronaut). The amount of substance differs from one another (considering the weight of each).

                 The device follows 12 steps:

I°- The device should be connected to PUMA (Portable Unit for Metabolic Analysis) II°- When PUMA gets the symptoms of a critical situation, it informs the SID through a sensor III°- According to PUMA’s record, the SID will start working (the digital plunger will choose the appropriate barrel to be used) IV°- Based on that the electric device (SID) will make the barrels with their needles to rotate till the needed one is in place V°- The digital plunger will then be automatically pushed VI°- The digital plunger will push the barrel that will urge the needle to reach the arms’ veins VII°- The substance is injected VIII°- After injection, the needle sticks to the piston IX°- While pulling back the plunger, the piston will pull the needle inside the barrel X°- The plunger will manage to go back to its initial position through the small hole XI°- The plunger will be disconnected from the barrel containing its needle attached to the piston XII°- The SID will get rid of the used barrel (with the needle inside it) or it will manage to take it back to its initial position

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