A website able to show in real time, telemetry sent by a set of connected objects, to help astronauts monitor their health status before , during and after Space exercices.

This project is solving the Fit as a MOoSE: Metabolic Observations of Space Explorers challenge.


Body temperature, bones density, ECG readings , Blood pressure, are measures taken using a set of connected objects, A belt and an earing, these objects cotain sensors that collects realtime information and then sends them to a centrilized management console in the fog for processing,

the astronaut can then view the collected information on a website

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Sofiane Saidi
  • lebcir akram
  • meriem kabir
  • HAMLIL Nabila
  • Sofiane Saidi
  • souad malou
  • lebcir ala eddine
  • Abdesselam meddahi
  • Tarek Mokhtari
  • sylia yasmine hamici
  • Mohamed chilali