Goal Generation, Task routing Topology and zero G Robot commands. Using Regex and Python we are pulling meaning out of natural language sentences and using the information to create "task objects" these are passed to a topological mapping service that breaks the task down into simple steps. These steps are passed to a Nasa Sphere which is autonomous between the points. Our plan is that the top levels are independent so "Bring me a spanner" or "Bring oxygen stats to by wrist screen"

This project is solving the ZERO GEE Bee – Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone challenge.


So provide a system that can take commands at a high level in natural language and pass tasks down a chain to something at the other end.

The aim is to pilot a virtual sphere around a 2D test environment using voice commands. But it could be used to pass instructions to any system in any environment.

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License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

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  • Kevin Daniells
  • Seraphina Anderson
  • Germann Arlington
  • Phaninder Pasupula
  • Jean-Louis RENE-CORAIL
  • Chris Jones