As we know closer to earth we have denser atmosphere and more the friction if i have to travel in it. more the friction more heat would be generated , to keep it away a thick heat shield should be provided. To make problem more clear lets take one example did you try running in a swimming pool , you would be tired in a min and if you just walk slowly it wont take much of your energy , almost same applied in air also we ( rockets ) are heavy objects in air ( pool ) and if we try to increase speed we get more friction back and heat that is unnecessary. And on top of it when rockets launches it generates too much pollution ( kind of blast ) , noise , heat , air pollution and giving a big push to stationary object has more probability of error and lesser time to correct it. and not sure but how much re-usability of the first strap on motors is there. project is nothing but a short video demonstrating launch of a object out of water tub using fixed amount of compressed air.


Solution: use air thruster combined with solar energy from a big light weight platform and slowly increase the height and leave air pool ( atmosphere ) as much as possible. There are many advantages of this a) you might reduce the need of first strap on solid fuel motor as you are halfway crossed the dense atmosphere and don't need too much of heat shield too. b) less of weather problem if you cross lower atmoshere and no problem\worry about air planes etc. c) is more secure and less accident pron because of initial blast as you will\ can get a soft launch too ( x speed of platform + y relative speed of rockets ) = escape velocity where on earth its Y . d) the platform can be brought back to earth once launch is successful ( can utilize half solar energy and half fuel ) , better to keep it there for few days until all ground stations start receiving signals and are in better position .

Over all it would be a long soft launch instead of a blast off from earth and taking all issues related to atmosphere and air traffic , geological restriction and saving fuel , reducing the initial weight of rocket and hence launching station too.

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  • kuldeep kumar