The number of asteroids that roam our solar system is immense. Although the probability that these objects hit our planet is relatively low is a fact that it exists. That this could happen is unacceptable for us because it puts in a risk the survival of all the living beings in the planet. In this project we took on the task of mapping these nearby objects that could pose a potential risk so we can be able to take a preventive action against it.

This project is solving the Robotic Observatory challenge.


The idea is to have a set of telescopes at different places on earth that would be sending images to a server via the cloud so that people can get register on the server so they put the free time they have in their electronic devices ( including mobile devices) available to this project which would be using this equipment to analyze the images and detect if there are any celestial body through the detection of changes in these images.

In the case in which the program detects a variation in the images, it will send an alert and the location of the detected object to verify and trace the path of the object.

This project takes the adventage of idle time of millions of computers and mobile devices connected to the network around the world to distribute the intense work involved in the analyzing of many images with such a high quality in a ''n'' number of computers.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Jose Ignacio Felix Quezada
  • Oscar Galván
  • Luis Guzmán Guzmán
  • Jorge Alonso Guzman Guerrero
  • Jorge Guzman Estrada