Orbit is a telemetry data app that uses the live feed received from the I.S.S to create an interactive experience for the users . The aim of orbit is to enable users to understand what goes on the I.S.S by living out the life of one of the astronauts on the space station. Previously created applications effectively displayed the data, but the understanding of what the data stood for was limited. So we took it and made the people know and understand this data through first hand user experience.

This project is solving the Space Station Telemetry App challenge.


Our set task was to see how we could use the telemetry data from NASA and to use it in a mobile app for users to understand what it all means in an interactive way. This is achieved by creating a game which allows the users to interact with avatars which represent the astronauts. The avatars operate on the basis of the live data that is available through the telemetry data. Like if the astronauts are asleep in the I.S.S, then the avatars are also asleep. The aim is to transform the telemetry data into usable data by enabling the users to interact with this data through the avatars.

This is done currently as a web app which uses HTML5, javascript and to process the data that is fed off by the back end. We aim to further develop the visual experience of the Application. Further more we intend to move the application across smartphones which has a larger user base. We hope to transform this into a new social gaming experience which would bring back users to interact with data which could otherwise be uninteresting.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/rangedsp/issTelemetry


Backend - https://github.com/kevintvh/nasa-iss-telemetry-challenge
APIs - https://stationstream.space/api
Timeline - http://spacestationlive.jsc.nasa.gov/timeline
Dictionary ISSLIve - http://spacestationlive.jsc.nasa.gov/resources/activityCategories.html
Nasa Data developer site - https://data.nasa.gov/developer
format - https://www.space-track.org/documentation#formats
Website - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jcekgpidtn14efa/AAA-A6__paVehOKCbU20Mwf0a?dl=0
video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6AA8Sp2bH4&feature=youtu.be


  • Kevin Tran
  • Sai Shyam Girish
  • Adam Mcnabb
  • Jonny Lin
  • Arun George Paul
  • Prince Albert
  • Stuart Price
  • Alex Murphy
  • Derek  Deng