Segment the leaf from uniform-background images using color space clustering upon capture with a mobile app. Then detect injury areas using color clustering as well, super pixels or other techniques. Calculate the area of the leaf (pixel based) affected by the injuries. Provide geo-localization to an ozone database to know if the zone where the picture was taken is highly susceptible to ozone injury. Save the captured data on a database for future reference.

This project is solving the Leaf Me Alone challenge.


Our project aims to automatically detect leave injury from leaf pictures taken from a mobile camera. The images must have a uniform background (say a leaf agsint a sheet of paper) for easier segmentation. Segmentation is achieved by clustering the pixels is leaf/no-leaf clusters, using the color space with Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm.

Once segmentation is done, we know the total area of the leaf pixel-wise. Then we apply super pixel algorithms to detect components within the previously segmented leaf area. These components will have average pixel colors, which we can then cluster again with EM to define 2 new clusters: Injury / No Injury. Then we take the components with colors close to green as good components, making the others as injury.

Once injury components have been detected, we calculate the percentage of injury based on the total area of the leaf, providing the user with the damage percentage. Additionally we detect the geo-location where the picture was taken, and compare it against an ozone database, to provide the user with additional information about the injury of the leaf.

The data recovered from the user is also saved in a database for future reference, particularly for scientist who may find a crowsourcing approach viable for future ozone/injury research.

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/maeotaku/O3_BackEnd.git


Front End - https://github.com/tzamora/LeafMeAlone


  • Antonio zamora
  • Rafael Alfaro
  • Jose Mario Carranza Rojas
  • Jeancarlo Arguello