"NIGHTLIGHTS" is a phone application which through photos taken by the user allows to create a mapping of a night sky's brightness and so of a light pollution, creating an interactive and always updated database.

This project is solving the My Sky Color challenge.


We are going to develop an application that allows users to know in real time the percentage of light pollution within a location. Through this app, users will take photos of the sky which will be compared to a reference image of the clear sky in the specific location, that will be defined by GPS systems. The app recognizes via GPS the place where it was taken.The main problem is to define a reference to compare users' images.A percentage valutation of light pollution will be given with this paramethers. The user is asked to select a pixel in which there are no stars or light spots, of which the app calculates the color and it makes the mean with the average color of the entire pic. From this value, brightness is calculated and compared with a reference value taken from pictures of not polluted sky. This reference value is equal to 7 and has been calculated using the same method that the app uses.

Application will have different tasks. First of all, a map and specific datas (such as RGB and time) of the area will be provided through pictures taken and sent by users. So, we get an approximated level of light pollution of the sky above our cities. Pictures could be shared on different social networks (as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in order to reach the goal of the challenge, as collaboration and partecipation. The main target is to collect and give open-source datas that could be used by everyone in different fields.

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Project Information

License: GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License version 3.0 (LGPL-3.0)



  • Giuseppe Pellegrino
  • Lorenzo Angelillo
  • Gael Cascioli
  • Francesca Ingiosi
  • Maria Chiara Corbucci
  • Letizia Gambacorta
  • Krystyna Samoylenko