A visual, animated and interactive representation of Earth, and the NEOs (Near Earth Objects, mainly Asteroids) that are estimated to come close to our wonderful, pale blue dot.

This project is solving the Visualize the Asteroid Skies challenge.


In a time like this, where mankind has the capabilities through technology to detect and distribute information about possibly oncoming and hazardous objects near Earth, it would be irresponsible to not share these warnings with the citizens of Earth and make them aware of where these NEOs are estimated to be. The ultimate goal of course is to bring about public debate and awareness that is so necessary to understand these NEOs, their paths in relation to Earth, and how we can prevent them from being more than a stunning visual we as Earthlings get to gaze at as it passes by.

That is where the N.E.A.R. comes in. Using data from the NASA's NEO Project, the D3 visualization scripting language, and other technologies, the Near Earth Approaches Radar will simply show NEOs estimated position in relation to Earth, in 2D, and give other information about these objects along the way.

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  • Dustin Schreiber