To create a food replicator that can create a selection of actual food for astronauts in space.

This project is solving the Print Your Own Space Food challenge.


The project aims to give astronauts actual food, and this food have actual taste. Also, it makes it so that astronauts would not need to land to restock their food supply as many times. Food replicators will become even more useful when their are public space transportation, or even a space colony. We are also planning to have it be able to recycle food in the near future. Another thing is that the food that is "replicated", would not have toxins, germs, preservatives, and pesticides. We also are planning for people to specify the temperature of the food. The way the replicator is going to work would be that it mixes basic ingredients together.

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Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)



  • Dr Ray
  • Nickzad Bayati
  • Nima Bayati