Build a new type of improved nano satellite which will use high precision sensors for avoiding crashes against the spacial trash or any type of physical object that is dangerous for the nano satellite equipment and its operations, when moving it will recalculate the most efficient orbit for continuing its operations without interruption. The nano satellite will capture pictures of high resolution of different areas of the Earth from the space. The service will also provide an API for integration

This project is solving the Deep Space CamSat challenge.


MOXProject aims to provide a public service of Images of high resolution of any area of the Earth to Scientifics, Universities, Schools, Students and the public in general using open source technologies and top notch satellital technologies. This service is reachable from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, any type of device that has Internet connection. The images will be stored in an optimized Database with all the relevant information, if the pictures of a requested area don't exist in the database, the service will create an special request to the satellite for taking the new images of high resolution, and then they will be stored in the database for future requests. The images will be updated after some specific period of time and the old images won't be deleted, they will be kept in the database for Analysis, Study purposes. The nano satellite will have a high technology equipment of cameras, sensors, and propulsors that will detect obstacles. Its original orbit will be the most efficient. When an obstacle, for example spacial trash, is detected the satellite will move in a different path recalculating the path. After an incident, the satellite will retake the most efficient original path with the help of small equiped propulsors.

As a public service, we also will provide an API for integrating our service with any type of application written in any language, this way powerful and better application may be built with the help of the programmers around the world.

Software technologies used: Mysql The database that will store all the information of the images, user, requests, etc. There will be other database that will register all the events, incidents with the satellite for monitorizing and control purposes.

Web Application, The server will be a GNU Linux computer with Apache 2 as Web Server

All the used software will be the last stable versions.

Project Information

License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • Carlos Eduardo Vasquez Lopez
  • christhian ramos
  • freddy igor
  • Kevin Alvarado Mayuwel
  • Abel Pacara
  • Emanuel Acosta Gutierrez
  • Oscar Alberto Cabrera Solíz
  • jonathan antezana
  • alvaro benjamin merino velarde
  • Christian Hugo Barba Yañiquez
  • ubaldino
  • roger cahuasiri lopez
  • Carlos Eduardo Vasquez Lopez
  • Luis Fernando Villegas Pacasi
  • Wilson Ricardo Humerez Hidalgo