Move your mouse with your phone, your pebble watch, and control keyboard with voice.

This project is solving the SpaceGloVe: Spacecraft Gesture and Voice Commanding challenge.


It's a webpage that can be accessed from mobile phone, in this page you are going to find a ball that you can move and it's like your mouse in your computer, also you can send some voice commands in spanish: “clic”, “doble clic”, “clic derecho”, “clic arriba”, “clic abajo”, “escribir ….”, “tecla ….”. We made it in spanish, because we speak spanish. Also, we made an pebble app, when you open the app in your Pebble Watch you can control your mouse in your computer, it's too sensible, we prefer to use the webpage with the ball to control mouse from smartphone. About how, well we are using internally Google Recognition Speech, also we are using Linux, Python, Pusher, Heroku, PebbleJS.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Cristhian Cueva
  • Juan Carlos Enrique echevarria mesias
  • Esteffany Melissa Arango Echegaray
  • renzo Gonzales Huaman
  • Julian Miguel Veliz Camarena