This is a game for Android about Mars colonizators. The goal is to minimize the amount of resources sent from Earth and to found first Mars town of humans.

This project is solving the Survivor: Mars Lava Tubes challenge.


A human mission to Mars has been the subject of science fiction, engineering, and scientific proposals throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. NASA is already working on project to send people to live on Mars! Mars is much like the Earth - it is wonderful, but also dangerous. There are volcanus and made lava tubes, where people can be safe in case of accidents. Astronauts might one day use lava tubes for shelter from dust storms and space radiation, which are dangerous hazards on Mars. The lava tubes can also be used for exploring underground access to resources. We making a game allowing players to explore lava tubes on Mars. Our team develops 3D game which is going to be extremely close to the real situation, and players' strategies and their success, as we hope, will help to real astronaut to develop their strategy of colonisation. The game is going to be on Android and will transport it for iOS, Windows, Linux, OS X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and also possibility to play online and even with Oculus Rift! This will provide a lot of players, and, therefore, a lot of strategies.

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License: CeCILL License 2.1 (CECILL-2.1)



  • Nikita Khlebushkin
  • Daria Nurtdinova
  • Vladislav Sharapov
  • Ekaterina Khlebushkina
  • Aleksey Pavlov
  • Gerasim Ershov
  • Nikita Khlebushkin
  • Bozzhigitova Dinara