"LAUNCH READY” is an interactive game aimed at high school and late primary school students that provides users with the ability to recreate a NASA launch simulated of real data from case studies on previous NASA launches.

This project is solving the 3-2-1 LIFTOFF: Launch that Rocket! challenge.


This project aims to enable users to learn about the entire NASA mission process from the initial planning stages to launch. "LAUNCH READY" is an offline C# Game that utilises data from Case studies on previous NASA missions to make game-play as realistic as possible. "LAUNCH READY" consists of several stages containing many different and essential choices that ultimately effect the final launch. To begin with the player has one mission option to choose from. After each successful launch the player unlocks the next more complicated mission with more pre-launch options. This reward based system enthrals the player to continue play throughout the game making to more interesting. Through each stage the player is guided by "Raymond" a Rocket scientist at NASA. "Raymond” gives the payer hints and tricks to help play the game. During the game the player is able to access banks of NASA information on previous launches (both successful and unsuccessful) about the different stages to enable them to make the most informed decision possible. After the launch the player is given a mission debrief about the launch detailing what went well and what didn't with tips on how to achieve a better launch the next time.

Ultimately the game provides a unique and interactive way of learning about NASA launches using real NASA data to create their own unique launch.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Kyla Adams
  • David Corporal
  • Lachlan  Caldwell
  • Ryley Caldwell
  • Glenn
  • Petra McCullagh
  • Andrew Entwistle
  • Emily Entwistle