This project is solving the Can You Hear Me Now? Space-y Sounds challenge.

We believe... We believe in people and data. We believe people can change data in a good way, doing what automatic systems cannot yet do, people can still improve themselves. We believe our projet — named Roger2Space — can use both audio datasets of the NASA and people's mind to find new ideas and new uses for audio files, space sounds, etc. We believe that by using people natural attraction for listening to sounds that are directly or indirectly linked to space, we could improve NASA's audio datasets and make sure everything as been analyzed from every possible angles. We believe that by offering to people a great opportunity to listen to short samples (10s) from each audio dataset that has been recorded by the NASA, we will open a new world of possibility. Finally, we believe our project was incredibility fun to make and is a good communication tools for the NASA.

All Best, LaHo's Team

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Corentin Dorey
  • Corentin Dorey
  • Hugo SAYNAC
  • Jonathan Leger
  • Charly Berthet