This is a 3D html5/webgl application that lets you see the ISS (using live data) and the sun.

This project is solving the Space Station Telemetry App challenge.



  • Using the mouse, left button, to drag you can orbit around the earth.
  • The mouse scroll wheel or left alt + drag will zoom in and out.
  • Left clicking on the sun or ISS icon wil show data for that object and clicking again will dismiss the prompt.

Build Requirements

  • Unity5

Future Work

  • Adding the moon position (and other celestial bodies)
  • Showing more of the live data in an interactive way
  • Handling Loss of Signal (LoS) for the live data

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the live data may not update because of trying to push data quickly to the application.
  • Some users have a hard time finding the ISS, would need to add an indicator or button to navigate there for users.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

Source Code/Project URL:


Live Demonstration -


  • Forrest Porter