ISS Photo Explorer allows enthusiasts to navigate, bookmark and share the incredible 1,616,101 images that were captured over 43 ISS missions. This browser-based, 3D application uses WebGL to visualize each image from space. Visitors rotate the earth, select missions and choose locations of interest, which in turn generates the photo taken of that location from space. Enjoy these awe-inspiring pictures via a (hopefully) mesmerizing interface. I look forward to adding more features over time.


Over 15 years and 43 space missions, the International Space Station crews have taken and geo-tagged more than 1.6 million photographs.  Thanks to NASA’s generosity, those of us on the ground have free access to these awe-inspiring images and rich data.

ISS Photo Explorer was initially conceived as a fun way to explore these amazing photographs.  The goal for the 2015 Space Apps Challenge is to create this system using real data, and publish it online so people can experiment with it. This evolved ISS Photo Explorer into a visually inspired browser-based WebGL application.  Space and photography enthusiasts now have an easy way to navigate, bookmark and share these incredible 1,616,101 images via an intuitive 3D interface.

The essential features will be working as designed, and the application will feel responsive on desktop browsers that support the technology in use.

After creating this project, and subsequently browsing the 2014 site, I noticed that this was already an existing topic. Hopefully I can put a new spin on things this year.

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  • Callum Prentice