The emotional health of the astronauts can be affected because of the different factors in outer space. Our project is a monitoring tool of physiological reactions associated with the human emotions.It analyzes the individual state and the way the astronaut interacts with the crew. This system aims as a prevention tool to improve emotional health during long space missions.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Designing for Today’s Launch & Research Stars challenge.


By a wearable device made up of sensors, we compile quantitative information as a result of several emotions. Then this information is visualized in an app,so the system can give instructions to make a pleasant atmosphere between astronauts.

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Francisco Díaz Palma
  • Luis Alejandro Ramírez Chacón
  • Paula Ortiz Poruguez
  • Gabriel Loria
  • Marco Acuña
  • Elizabeth Vargas
  • Brenda Villalobos Arias
  • Alexander Sánchez
  • Paulette Herrera