This project is solving the Sensor Yourself challenge.

Long term space exploration carries many risks including exposure to harmful ionizing radiation. This project uses SPHERES platform robots to improve mobile detection of health threats from gamma radiation in large spacecraft or space stations. Gamma ray sensors can detect damage to shielding from space debris impacts and provide pinpoint location information to target repair efforts.

A simulated gamma ray sensor will send readings to IBM Internet of Things Foundation running as a Bluemix service. Node-RED will be used to monitor sensor data and communicate with a Raspberry pi (registered to Internet of Things Foundation) providing light indicators for movement signal monitoring of the SPHERES device. When the sensor data exceeds a critical threshold, the monitor program will send a STOP signal to the SPHERES device and change the LED display color.

When stopped, Node-RED will send a http request to obtain location information from the SPHERES device and record the location to a database

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  • Tim Robinson