Space Environment Viewing and Analysis Network Node is creating a new concept on the use of galactic cosmic ray data variation with the changes in local environment. The rainfall, thundershower, sudden heat and cold wave prediction can be done successfully with the cosmic ray data. Besides cosmic ray variation the pressure sensor of the instrument is also showing variations of the atmospheric pressure with the cosmic ray from the Sun as well as from galactic sources. The potential of this Space App is enormous it can predict Snowfall, Rainfall, sudden warming of atmosphere and as Earthquake precursor in active fault areas.


The environmental changes are not showing uniform pattern in space and time. Space Environment Viewing and Analysis (SEVAN) is recording the cosmic ray and atmospheric pressure in Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. The cosmic rays are being recorded in this device continuously since 2010 to infer the correlation of the atmospheric pressure with the cosmic ray intensity from the Galactic sources and from the Sun. The SEVAN detector has several sets of scintillators to record the incoming cosmic rays of different origin. The topmost 5cm thick scintillators can record the galactic cosmic rays while the middle unit of 25 cm thickness is capable of recording the cosmic rays from the Sun. It has been recorded that 6hours before the thunderstorm in Delhi the topmost unit of SEVAN has detected a sharp rise in cosmic rays while the middle unit of same device has recorded a low cosmic ray intensity than the normal. The pressure sensor of SEVAN has shown sympathetic rise with the 5 cm thick scintillator counts cosmic ray sensor.Here I propose a new hypothesis for the prediction of thunderstorm 6 to 8 hours in advance.Continuous monitoring of the cosmic ray from different sources and its relative abundance has the potential to understand the character of the thunderstorms. Human lives and properties of different parts of the world can be saved if it is known in advance.

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  • Saumitra Mukherjee