Starting from Accurat's FriendsInSpace app and from their code : that we forked here : We will try to add new cool feutures to the FriendsInSpace App. If you would like to join the project, you are welcome.

This project is solving the Friends In High Places challenge.


We are working to expand the concept behind the FriendsInSpace application.

Our vision of Friends in Space is a "Space" social network made to discover the International Space Station activities, follow your favorite astronaut in ISS, make friends all around the World, interact with them making cool connections.

Our aim is to enrich this platform with new features:

Global Space Chat!

User's interaction tools.

Astronaut's social feeds and info.

Amazing audio streams, info and activities from the International Space Station.

It's not enough?

Ok, test your knowledge on the International Space Station and Space topics, play with the "Space Quiz" win a virtual meeting with Samantha Cristoforetti and become an virtual astronout :)

Making the SPACE more HUMAN, bringing the SPACE closer.

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The team (6 nationalities, 4 countries):

Apoorva Bhalla - India -

Serena Cameirano - US -

Aldo Pergjergji - Italy -

Alessia Albanesi - Italy -

Alfredo Bungo - Italy -

Alfredo Grillo - Italy -

Lucandrea Mancini - Italy -

Maddalena Cascone - Italy -

Marco Torrisi - Italy -

Michele Tobia - Italy -

Mohammad Abu Snober - Italy -

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL:


Meteor Framework -
Accurat's FriendsInSpace App -
Google+ Community -
Facebook Page -


  • Mohammad  Abu Snober
  • Michele Tobia
  • Marco Torrisi
  • Lucandrea Mancini
  • Alessia Albanesi
  • Maddalena Cascone
  • Aldo Pergjergji
  • Alfredo Grillo
  • Apoorva Bhalla
  • Serena Cameirano