Foodi is a web application that maps the food production and distribution across the globe. Aiming to show the current capacity and potential of countries to be self-sufficient in the provision of food for their populations for the future years. In adition, Foodi allows users to share and read stories behind food imports and exports of the each country based on FAOs World statistics. SO user friendly that even aliens can use it!

This project is solving the Food Directions challenge.


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Our Aim

Using this cool map based web tool, educators, investors, scientists and decision makers can see the food production and distribution across the world to tackle the world food in sustainable ways. An improved and interactive understanding of where our food is grown, and where it ends up, could influence everyone in and our of our planet.

In addition, this platform is highly social, allowing users to comment, like and discuss about their local food related events, creating a transparent platform for intergalactic citizen communication.

Our Web App

Foodie looks like this: alt text GO check it out

About Us

5 people from different nationalities who met at the Space Apps Challenge in Helsinki and found out that they are in deeply interested about food :). They share concerns about about global Issues and have different levels of geek inside.

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Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

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  • Ville Myllynpää
  • Pouyan Mohseninia
  • Dimitar Minovski
  • Niklas Kolbe
  • Maria Victoria Palacin Silva