We are introducing a technology which allows deep-space missions' crews to consume warm Earthlike meals combining all nutrients essential for a wholesome microgravity diet. The food 3D printer we are working on accounts for close to zero waste, fully designable meals (taste, form and looks) and 45x increased shelf life of the ingredients.

This project is solving the Print Your Own Space Food challenge.


Future astronauts and deep-space pioneers would face tremendous health and sustenance challenges. Long-duration missions require thousands of meals for the crew. Refrigerating or freezing food uses up a big portion of the spacecraft's energy resources and volume. We tackle this issue by introducing a radical new technology to 3d print food. Nutritious meals combining all necessary micro and macro elements needed for a wholesome diet will be prepared prior to consumption with close to zero waste. Astronauts will be free to print out any type of food they crave.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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3D printed Pizza -
3D Printing parts for the food extruder -
First pizza is ready -
Happy it is working -
Our new extruder -
Time to chill for a bit -
Pizza mixture -
Fascinated it actually works -
Can I take your orders? -
No project is possible without zipties -
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  • Sergey Petrov
  • Daniel Georgiev