Devise a system for food component storage and point-of-consumption production on long-duration space flight.

This project is solving the Print Your Own Space Food challenge.


The current system of sending pre-packaged ready-to-consume food to space works for missions lasting weeks or months between resupply events. For multi-year planetary missions, pre-manufactured stabilized foods are often unpalatable long before they are unsafe to eat. In addition, food monotony creates a morale problem. Use of 3D Printing technology to combine ingredients at the time of consumption permits storage of simple ingredients with a large pool of combinations (recipes).

Problems to address include:

Long-term safe/stable storage of ingredients / Selecting ingredients for nutrition and combinatorial flexibility / Operates in low or micro-gravity / Produces minimal output waste

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/spaceapps-epicurious/spacefood



  • CJ Robinson
  • Vikram Shyam
  • Kelly Siman
  • Ethan Dicks