It´s a software that can improve the comunication of the people using smartphones and computers, can save a lot of time and movement by the user.

This project is solving the SpaceGloVe: Spacecraft Gesture and Voice Commanding challenge.


For years, thanks at the technology advances, a lot of software was created to help humanity but, the creations have problems, the people everyday needs the fast and easy use of the technology. Our app no only helps the space travels, ¿who hasn´t troubles looking around the PC, for special applications?¿ for example: "geogebra","Photoshop" and "Word"? or when you need special help from another person, but no one is closer, our App gives a the chance to send special orders to a PC, just pressin a button you can have all the aplicattions that you wan´t, especially, when you´re out of time. Also, our App can send a "HELP" signal to another user, maybe when he can hear or see you, can be very helpfull at this cases. In the earth, this situations can be solved in different ways but, in the space, this situations can be a big problem for the space travels, losing million of dollars, gear and the crew safety.

Project Information

License: Eclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL-1.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zctw4or6atz9q2/carpeta.rar?dl=0



  • Reyna Duarte
  • Javier Dubon
  • Javier Dubon
  • cristobal campollo
  • Mark Lemus
  • Joselynne Ponsoy
  • Maria Godinez