this park is designed by recyclable materials consisting of several blocks : energetics architecture, wind, hydro energy , solar cooking, heat application, photovoltaic, bio-pharmacy and ecological agriculture .this project will be designed by the inhabitants of rural areas with understandable technical file by anyone who describes in detail the construction project stages...the energy park can improve the economic and ecotourism of this site .this park is very economical construction since everything is recoverable


the constituents of this park are:

the energetic architecture (building with straw, adobe, super adobe, dry toilets ...) wind turbines (wind turbine savonius, darius, designed with horizontal PVC tubes), solar cooking (solar pasteurizer parabolic cylindrical solar cafitiƩre, parabolic solar berbecue solar dryer ...) photovoltaic installation thermal application (solar metallurgy, solar heating [for cans, with PVC tubes ect ...] stirling engine, solar refregeration) hydro-energy (pelton turbine with pVC elbows, pumping water...) ecological pharmacology (extraction of essential oils from medicinal plants solar distillation)

there are more then 30 projects in that park all those projects are recovered and easy to made by anyone

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License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"



  • chaouachi Ahmed
  • Abderrahmen Gharbi
  • Ben Ghorbel Shaima
  • ali mahdaoui
  • Amiri Mohamed