EarthFace is a web application that lets you visualize any type of geographic data as a heat map!


Our project seeks to bring awareness to all people about their surroundings. Often times, we are oblivious to the various phenomena that are constantly occurring all around us. Tapping into the plethora of information made available from NASA Earth Observations (NEO), EarthFace can transform data for things ranging from carbon monoxide levels to population density, into heat maps, even allowing various maps to stack as layers, to create a unique, visual insight into the presence, abundance, and interactions of all these phenomena. Areas that show high levels of interplay between different factors are marked as well, indicating locations for potential correlations and opportunities for further research.

See our live demo hosted on IBM Bluemix!

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Joseph Huang
  • Douglas Huang
  • Inez Huang