A robot that navigates through a potentially hazardous obstacle course by relying solely on sensor data and on database stored in cloud using IBM bluemix.

This project is solving the Sensor Yourself challenge.


Robot moves by analysing data from ultrasonic sensors avoiding obstacles. It also senses the ambient temperature, soil’s moistures, acceleration of the robot and smoke .To get samples and to save robot from hazardous condition, it detects lava tubes which are at the nearest distance from its vicinity from the data stored in the database.

Lava Tubes are very important if a manned mission is to be made possible on Mars. So, our robot can find out lava tubes on Mars saving its longitudinal and latitudinal co-ordinates for future invasions. Therefore, in subsequent Mars missions these lava tubes can be used to take samples and to hide from storms and radiations.

Another feature of our robot is detecting gases through MQ-04 sensor which can detect methane gas. Methane gas is important for finding out the existence of water on Mars as carbon-dioxide reacts with water to release methane gas. So, if we can detect methane gas we would know that water is probably present in that region.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Nikhil Chambial
  • Anjali Goyal
  • Shifali Kansal
  • Nikhil Chambial
  • Rahul Saxena
  • Palak Kaistha
  • Swati Tiwari
  • ossein sharma
  • Kushagar  Tyagi
  • Akshay  Kataria