A data robot to allow users to configure data sources, define frequencies to poll, define control limits to warn, mourn, shout and scream. Databot can accept singe source or multiple sources. It could be any data stream which needs to be monitored and watched for any kind of limits, patterns and trends.

This project is solving the Sensor Yourself challenge.


For example, databot can be asked to monitor health parameters of the astronauts. Databot can monitor individuals health is within acceptable range. Databot can also see if there is any trend like one astronauts reading is behaving differently than the team, or the average of the team and so on.

Based on the pattern and trend the databot will warn, mourn, shout or scream.

The data once plotted on the screen, the data is discarded, but the plotted surface is saved as much as possible in a reverse logarithmic fashion, in such a way the recent data plotted has more details and past data is plotted in summary way in relation to time (month, day, week, hour, minute).

Project Information

License: Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)

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  • Shabu KC
  • Reshmi V