The Cube D.A.E.S.A. (Deep Auxiliar Eyes in Space for Astronauts) is a project that promises to fulfill the necessary aspects of a cubic artifact that can be launched from the mothership, stay in orbit and return to it, all to be an auxiliar for the astronaut eyes that immerge into the deep space.

This project is solving the Deep Space CamSat challenge.


Outter space is a big challenge and danger, even at today's technology and security. The long distances and trips far away from our safe spot are way too difficult and risky to keep applying everytime a bit of data is needed. But another option is in our hands, and that is the CamSat.

The problem here is presented after launch, the CubeSat system works perfectly with a camera attached to take pictures in outter space, but it's impossible to retrieve it back to the mothership because it has no way to impulse itself back. That's why we have designed our own CubeSat, with custom sizes, so we could rely on Ion Thrusters.

The components used to build this CubeSat are very varied, but they all have their own Micro-controller and can respond to the same language.

The following list is conformed by the elements used to build our CubeSat.

*CMUCAM5 - Used as vision, able to detect objects and act quickly to dodge any danger.

*NanoCam C1U - Excelent and small camera, comes with their own Micro-controller for easier use.

*NanoMind A712D - For NanoCam C1U

*NanoPower P110 Series - For NanoCam C1U

*6-DOF INERTIAL SENSOR AH-6120LR - Coordinate sensor with 6 degrees of freedom.

*RIT-10 Ion Thruster - Efficent Thrusters with very compact sizes.

The idea here is to install the Ion Thrusters on the corners of the CamSat, these will have a perfect 45° angle in each of the X, Y and Z coordinates.

In theory, if the Ion Thrusters expells the same force in each corner, when the 8 Thrusters are activated, the cube will go completly static, if 4 of one side are activated it will go to the opposite of that side's face and there's plenty of moves that can be done with the design, everything with the availability to get back to a static position.

The platform to get back was also put on in a lot of tought, we decided that with the same CMUCAM5 we could make it follow some LEDS that are inside the platform, the cam will follow a pattern of lights and will slowly turn to the wished position, also some kind of claws will activate once the cube gets to the platform, which will stop it completly from moving.

The launching platform (which is the same as the docking platform) will get pressed with the same claws that holded the cube during the dock, the pression and coils from the claws will make the cube get launched instantly when activated.

The project covers up all these ideas and the functions of how it gets to work, if the projects goes any further, we will start up a better simulated prototype, with all the functions and physics for more exploration to the possibilities.

The sky is the limit, we crossed the limits.

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License: Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL-1.0)



  • Gabriela Osuna Echeagaray
  • Mauricio Esteban Banaga Benton