We create a small replica of Tranquility module, this ephemeral and flexible project can be installed in a train station or airport. We wish to raise public awareness about the conquest of space and the missions of the ISS. The public can interact with the installation, the tablets on the outside of the module provides a set of games related to the station and we also give informations related to the life and the project of ISS. Inside you can live the experience of being in the cupola module.

This project is solving the Space Station Telemetry App challenge.


Aim of the project:

Raise Public interest about space project and ISS life and experience.


Create a mock-up of Tranquility ISS module. Inside you can live the experience of being inside the cupola and do some robotic work on the ISS. You can take a picture from inside with our camera and act if you went into space.

On the wall of the mock-up you have some tablets where you can play or get some informations about what's happening in the ISS. This project is flexible, you can adapt the content with your public. Developers can create apps or game in relation with space.

In our project we propose:

. A quiz: you have some pictruce of earth from ISS and you have to guess wich contry, continent or city is on the picture. . Timeline of astronauts life in the station, you can also have the details of each astronaut about their project in the ISS. . ISS 3D MAP where you can understand how the station is bulid and the name and the function of each modules. . ISS images, slideshow . Real time Tracking plus announcement when the ISS is just above us. . Different level of game and information, if you want to learn more you can take a picture of QR code or enter your email.


In a large public crossing point ( where you can have free time due to delay) tipically railway stations or airport.


All people crossing the place who can be attract by the installation. We wanted a fun and entertaining place where kids and family can play and learn from the differents games and quizzes.


The project is not expensive , all the technology are available, a public organism can support the project or private compagny as a sponsor.

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Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)



  • marc pommepuy
  • Gabrielle Narasson
  • Mohamed Maamir
  • yacine remini