Cropper is a real-time collaborative social-network made for farmers who want to alert to other farmers of dangeours events, like floods, storms, plagues, diseases, etc.

This project is solving the Crop Alert – Learning From the Growers challenge.


Cropper is a near real-time crowd-sourced disaster prevention network made for growers to be notified in case of dangerous events such as floods, storms, plagues or diseases, among others.

Anyone can submit information about events associated with a location and attach custom information specific to the type of event or a picture.

One of the key features of the application is the ability of growers to subscribe to areas. They can define notification areas so that in case someone posts an event in that zone an email will be sent to the grower describing the issue.

Other interesting features are: Real time synchronization of events between all clients. Visual hightlights of changes made by other users. Real time advanced chat between users. Huge log of any event happened. NASA opendata integration.

Developed for Zaragoza Space Apps 2015 "Crop alert - learning from the growers" Challenge by Daniel Barea, Diego Ceresuela, Ismael Rodríguez, Sergio Soro and David Vergara.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Sergio Soro Miranda
  • Ismael Rodríguez
  • David Vergara Manrique
  • Daniel Barea López
  • Diego Ceresuela