Colorin colorado aims people that are willing to collaborate with the record of the aerosol load in the atmosphere. Our basic approach is build an Android App to register basic data as: timestamp, location (gps/network when is available) and temperature (based on internet services) the user will be enable to select the right color classification based on GLOBE protocols. All of this will be publish on a website and exposed trough an API.

This project is solving the My Sky Color challenge.


Our project has two phases, in the first one, our approach is build an Android App to encourage people to join us and collaborate using their mobile phones a take and snapshot of the sky and record it

this snapshot will be uploaded to our website and then exposed their basic data as I mention before, timestamp, location, temperature providing a simplify access to data for camparison

About the proccess of automation of image processing.

Our App make the image capture and extract the color palette based on 16 swatches schema, and calculate the population (proportion of the swatch repetion or similarity) the select the swatch with higher population and then compare through percentage of proximity with an already builded color palette based on GLOBE Color Standar and a very very deep step we try to make best match possible based on rgb colors.

The second phase is build and arduino station for automated captures of the sky.

The main goal is bring on all the enthusiast of the hardware to build their own station, again we provide the image processing and exposure trough API

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL:


Color Pallete as reference for swatches -
Comparing two colors using CIE76 or Delta E differences -


  • Jaime Ascencio