Simplify the goal of transporting 5kg load to its essence. Start with zero G and no space station. Start with no electronics. Work from there.

This project is solving the ZERO GEE Bee – Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone challenge.


Zero G and no space station. No Electronics. Then add space station. So the item needs padding. Surround with clear double layer beach ball. Goes to space deflated and gets inflated with human breath (like ballon). as needed. Ball is like this - but scaled down

No electronics. Throw the unit in general direction of where it is to go. So that will not work, because it will hit obstacles in real station. It will also slow down with air resistance. Then use human assistance totally to forward the unit onwards. It is like the way this robot uses an elevator - taken to the extreme.

So there is still a problem once the robot gets out of the "range of intent". Use electronics to express the need for assistance and intent. The intent and target are added in real time. The electronics (RFID minimally) becomes a shipping label and a plea for help like a message in a bottle.

How to enter target? All UI is external. The request for shipment is natural language processed via IBM Bluemix Watson services. "Take this wrench to Sally in the JEM."

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  • James Rzatkiewicz
  • Michael Wissner
  • Albert Putnam