This project is solving the 3D AstroMed Devices challenge.

This project seeks to solve some of the human-global challenges met by healthcare crises in developing countries, and also in outer space. Due to the recent advancement in the field of science and technology, robotic surgery is not just a thing of the distant future. If required, a specialist/ doctor can always attend to the need of an sick astronaut inside the ISS, who is stricken with fever while performing routine medical exams, via robotic arms, with instruments (printed from the 3d Printers and sterilized with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) and cameras.

Although more complex procedures can commonly lead to complications such as surgery (which are not recommended, to be performed remotely,) none invasive methods of examination etc, can be performed and easily accomplished.

Another alternative usage of this application is in war torn, or disease stricken regions on earth. Due to geographical or other limitation where we do not necessarily need to risk human lives (such as in the case of viral outbreak, Nuclear meltdown, etc) It is always possible to send a robot controlled by one or more human beings to collect data and attend to medical care, provided it is within the range of manned-robotic medical care.

Instead of having a specialist or physician physically visit the patient in another country etc, they will be able to perform simple examinations through a robotic substitute, that is manned by the specialist. Doctors will be able to help a wider range of patients directly from their medical offices or hospitals without having to get on a plane, or a helicopter to reach remote regions where geographical limitations could be a issue.

In the case of a BSL-4 viral outbreak, such as Ebola, simple tasks of examination can be performed remotely with more doctors participating from oversees to aid in the containment effort which leads to less casualties. This project will help provide better health care for people who suffer from lack of proper medical attention and teach us to become better steward of fellow species, regardless of geographical limitations.

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