We aim to create an educational web application to explore the asteroids. We project their present-day positions in 2D, and when viewing an individual asteroid its orbit and properties are shown.

This project is solving the Visualize the Asteroid Skies challenge.


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Who we are

Our team consists of three people: Kaloyan Pavlov, Vanya Santeva and Pressian Abarov (this is us). We are all students from ELSYS, Bulgaria, specializing in System programming.

Why what we do is important

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Our goal is to increase interest in asteroids in hope to inspire people to start solving problems in the field.

How we did it

Our interface is simple and easy to use to enable exploration of the asteroid skies without previous knowledge. We utilize the MPCORBS database, which provides us with accurate asteroid data in a 30 day range. We have implemented functions explained by Paul Schlyter for calculating asteroids' positions and orbits. 14,000 asteroids are projected in real time to a 2-dimensional hyperplane using machine learning methods, to create a beautiful SVG interface. Then they are grouped into clusters, which can be enlarged by a click. This allows viewing individual asteroids without them overlapping.

Plans for the future

Make an asteroid finder (search bar); Visualize asteroids' movement on their orbits in 3D to increase our visualization accuracy and useability; Use multiple databases to enlarge the range of learning and visualization possibilities; Emphasize possible collisions with the Earth.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Pressian Abarov
  • Kaloyan Pavlov
  • Vanya Santeva