Asteroid Hunter visualizes the movements of asteroids, especially the potentially hazardous ones in a form of an interactive game.

This project is solving the Visualize the Asteroid Skies challenge.


The project aims to create a game that brings out the benefits of space exploration, looking specifically at the potential harm (Or benefits) that the asteroids may carry.


Choose the optimal time to send your rocket to a mineral rich asteroid. The further away the asteroid is, the more money and time you spend on the mission.

Keep an eye on the dangerous asteroid that might destroy the whole planet. Keep in mind the distance factor. But also make sure you can make in time to deflect the asteroid. If you fail to deflect an asteroid in time you loose money and a rocket.

You have a limited number of rockets so maybe a keep a spare available for the asteroid deflection mission

Realistic movement of the asteroids. Distances calculated using Kepler elements provided by Minor Planet Center website or similar sources.

Accelerated time to make the game more playable.

Social element, compete against your friends for the highest score.

Invest your money to buy better rockets(faster / more efficient)

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Mustafa Saifee
  • Ashraf Abdo
  • Sam Haarto