This drone is designed to function both in normal, “Earthly” conditions, with the force of gravity G = 9.81 N/kg, and for specific conditions where the gravity is G=0.

This project is solving the ZERO GEE Bee – Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone challenge.


In our project we are based on the requirements of NASA. Our drone is designed to function in space station where gravity is zero, it will fly and land without any problems and will transport items from one point to another. It is also resolved to be stationed in a certain place, no matter that gravity is zero.

Project Information

License: GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)"

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  • Imer Ademi
  • Muhamer Saliji
  • Ali Halimi
  • Imran Osmani
  • Armend Ejupi
  • Bujar Agushi
  • kushtrim jakupi
  • Venhar Sulejmani
  • Shaban Abdullai
  • Imer Ademi