A food printing system featuring texture, flavor, aroma and high protein content. This system consists of three laser heads operating in a hot misting cook area to hydrate and keep food creations warm. The next generation of food preparation in space has infinite possibilities: long-term storage, easy to handle, no freezing required, low water consumption, recycling and edible packaging, sustainable, requiring little space, and low energy consumption.

This project is solving the Print Your Own Space Food challenge.


This project aims to achieve healthy and sustainable food printing.

This 3D Printing Space Food system will allow you to print food with texture, flavor, aroma, and high protein content.

To accomplish this, three laser heads operate in the system, each one with a dedicated function: - two are wires (one for fibre and protein, one containing oil and vitamins) - the third one is a microtube for water

Each laser head can operate at a different temperature to compose the product's texture, flavor, color and replication the overall look and experience of the real food.

Gels with different densities can create soups and more dense dishes using insect powder, seed powder, seed gels, mushrooms fiber, popcorn fiber, layers of rice and soy paper rolls.

The goal is to feed astronauts with these new edible materials while they are working, building farms in space, or planetary stations.

In the future, this project has the potential to develop farms and stations to grow fruits, vegetables, or seaweed, creating other benefits such as oxygen sources, recycling capabilities and water purification. Materials such as Graphene and spiber are the main components to build farming stations, areoponic gardens, solariums and shelters underground, featuring retractable host modules.

The long term goal is to create a process similar to photosynthesis for humans, allowing the ability to absorb energy through skin or wearables and avoid the need obtain energy from animals or external products . Cells in our habitats like big green radiant lamps or bulbs will be our main source of energy,

Project Information

License: Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sYslslIj6x7vUNFrUDqacntpEsbINf9YUNoSR1oPa7k/edit?usp=sharing



  • Hector  Mendoza
  • Hector  Mendoza